Friday, August 13, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Just wanted to share a few FAB-u-lous items that I found today.  I went to several garage sales, but only one had anything worthwhile. These are the things I purchased there.

First was this beautiful soup tureen...  I thought that $5 was a fair price, so I didn't even negotiate.  When the lady started wrapping it up for me I noticed a small chip on the bottom of the platter.  As soon as the seller saw it she was ready to throw that part away.  I said, "OH NO, don't throw it away, I'll still take it!"  She said, "Well how about $3 instead?"  Ok, ok, twist my arm!

Next I picked up a set of glass candle holders.  I might use them as a base for something.  Only $1.

A large glass jar (or whatever you want to call it) caught my eye.  It's really BIG - the picture does not do it justice.  She had it marked for $5 but decided to give it to me for $3 instead.  I think it would be beautiful at Christmas time with ornaments in it.

As we stood there talking I said I was looking at a chair she had sitting there. It was only marked $1, but I wasn't sure if I wanted yet another project to add to my ever-growing pile (I STILL say I'm NOT a horder!!)  She said, "take it... just take it!" 
F-R-E-E!!!!  I can handle that! 

The chair has a small hole in the side, so I'll have to figure out what to do with that, but other than that it's in really good condition.

So for $7 at the garage sale I thought I did quite well. 

I then headed over to one of my favorite Goodwill stores.  I was about ready to leave the store (empty handed), when I spotted these canisters.  PERFECT color for my newly painted kitchen.  They were individually priced, for a total of $12.99, but when I took them to the counter the girl said they should have been priced as a set and gave me all three for $10!

This is the original label that was on one of the canisters.

That was it for today... $17, and some really great finds!


  1. I saw that exact chair (minus the hole) here in Ontario this past week! :)

    Love the canisters, you have found some great stuff.

  2. Nice finds, Debbie! And absolutely, they should have marked that canister set as a set and not individually. I have bought things at Goodwill thinking they were individual items and I wind up paying for them as a set. Which works out in my favor money-wise, but I realized that sometimes the sticker will say "set" next to the price.

  3. Hi Girlfriend...

    Debbie, how do you do it??? You really do find the coolest stuff! Love that soup tureen!!! Ohhh...and those canisters are gorgeous! I would have loaded them into my basket so fast...everyone would have wondered what was happening! Hehe! They would look awesome in my kitchen too! Girlfriend, I think we have sooo many things in common...definitely like the same design styles!!! Thanks for sharing your pretty treasure finds with us...such a treat!!!

    Love ya,


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