More About Me...

I am a dedicated Christian & have been married to my sweetie-pie husband for over 33 years now. We are getting use to being “empty nesters”. We have two GREAT kids who were the center of our lives until they decided to get married & start their own lives. So now we have added a son-in-law & daughter-in-law into the mix. Of course the “special” one at the moment is our Grandson Noah - 3½ & ALL BOY!

I’ve been involved in graphic design for over 30 years creating wedding, anniversary, & birthday invitations (or anything they needed/wanted). I recently invested in some machinery that allows me to take ANY picture & place it on numerous surfaces (something as large as a tile mural to cover a wall or as small as a key tag). I hope to eventually open an ETSY store where I can offer some of these custom items.

I have loved “crafting” all my life. You name it, I’ve probably at least tried it! Recently I discovered a whole new world out there. TONS of blogs by people doing things I LOVE to do, & even passing on ideas on how to create those beauties. Timing was perfect as I was in the process of redoing my house, so “thrifty finds” & “Goodwill treasures” are making that all possible!

Here's my family... 

My daughter Angela and Grandson Noah

Son-in-Law Matt (and of course... Noah)

My son Jason and Daughter-in-Law Bethany

Grandma's favorite little fella - Noah.  (I can say that because so far he's the only grandchild!)