Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 Ingredient Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh yah… you read that right!!  TWO ingredients!!!  Refrigerator cookie dough, and Nutella!!
I was just recently introduced to Nutella and became instantly addicted.  For some reason, I have been craving Nutella something (anything) today.  I’ve been sick all weekend, and have spent a lot of my time Pinteresting” (is that even a word?).  I have come across tons of recipes using Nutella.  I was quite sure it would help me feel better, but didn’t have many of the ingredients, and certainly didn’t have much energy.  So I decided to improvise.  I had a package of refrigerated chocolate chip cookies, and of course, the Nutella – ta dah!!!!!  Oh, I’m feeling so brilliant!!

Now, how to do it??  What would be the best way?  So I made a few at a time in different ways to see which way turned out best.  (Sorry, I was so excited about making the cookies that I didn’t get the best pictures.)

#1 – Flatten out 2 cookies
Put a teaspoon of Nutella in the center of one cookie…
Press the two cookies together, sealing in the creamy center.
#2 – Take one cookie, make a small “bowl” and put a scoop of Nutella in the center.  Bring the sides of the “bowl” up to partially enclose the Nutella.
#3 – Put a scoop of Nutella in the center of the cookie, form a ball around it, and kind of kneed it in so it will be throughout the entire cookie.
This is what they looked like after they were baked…



Of course I had to “try” each cookie to see which was best… I decided on the “sandwich type” because the Nutella “oozed” out throughout the entire cookie.  Here they are before they were topped with the second cookie.
I FINALLY… here they are in all their ooey, gooey, Nutelledness!!! (Is that another made up word? – Well, it fits!!)


Sat down with my plate of cookies, and a big old glass of cold milk.  I’m feeling SO much better now. 

Well, I’ve gotta go spread the word to all the other Nutella fanatics out there!!!  If you ask me, I believe this is “Pinterest” worthy!!! 

Whatcha think?  Gonna give them a try?  If you do, be sure to let me know what you think.