Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Thrifty Find... Plus a featured item from my niece!

Ok, ok, I know I already have several chairs that I have to make over, but none of them match. Last night I found a matching set at our Salvation Army store. $19.95 each, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. They are really in excellent condition, very sturdy, nothing ripped, etc., so once I get them painted and reupholstered I think they will be really nice. Although they ARE a LOVELY shade of green!!!

Next I wanted to share a little something my niece Hannah did. She was here visiting from Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. I took her to a local store here where she sort of went her way and I went mine. When we met back up I asked what she was looking for. She reminded me that she has just rented her first apartment, was starting to decorate it, and was looking for ideas. At that point I said, “OH HONEY… you shouldn’t be looking here, you need to go to Goodwill!!!! She kind of gave me that blank stare like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS???” Off we went to Goodwill. I started pointing out things and saying, “you can spray paint this… you can make a pedestal out of this… you can fill this with these” etc. She started looking at things through different eyes. I said, “Do you look at my blog?” “Yes.” I asked if she ever clicked on the blogs that I follow. She said she had not. I said, “You’ve GOT to start going to all the blogs!!!!”

Anyway, Hannah now claims that I have created a monster. She spent many hours while she was here just going to one blog after another - one of the favorites of course being “The Graphics Fairy”! Well, she proudly sent me pictures of her first makeover project. Let’s just say I’m “beaming with pride” over my little protégé. These are our messages and pictures from Facebook:

Hannah:  Check it out, Aunt Debbie1 My first shabby chic project!!!!!!!!

I said:  I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! So how much did the makeover cost you??

Hannah:  I'm gonna make you even prouder....I didn't spend a cent! I had everything on hand.....the spice rack was one my mom had and didn't use anymore....the paint I had...mixed it to get the right color...the wallpaper samples were free....the labels I had...just borrowed the graphics from the graphics fairy and tweaked the colors to fit my scheme! I was so excited!

So here's the original spice rack...
Here it is painted with wallpaper in the background...
The labels on the bottles...
The finished product...

I think she did a great job - don't you???  She’s an art teacher, so I’m sure she will be coming up with many more wonderful projects; however, I wanted to share her first make over with you. Let’s give her a “pat on the back” for a project well done!!


  1. ok..first off..SO JEALOUS of those chairs! can i have them pu-lease? they would look fabulous in my living room...the one i'm redoing with new built-ins! and to your niece Hannah! what a fantastic job! lovein' the spice rack...paint, paper, labels...everything! job well done for sure. and if you so chose to part with those chairs...i'm here! can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Your niece did an excellent job on her spice rack revamp! I can see why you are so proud of her! And your chairs will be wonderful, I love their shape. You have great vision!

  3. You have, indeed, created a monster, but it's a good monster, Debbie! Good for her and good for you for steering her in the right direction {i.e. Goodwill}!

  4. Hi Girlfriend...

    Well...I'm playing "catch up" at your place now! Hehe! I'm so sorry that I've missed so many of your fabulous posts...it's just been sooo busy at my place with having my daughter and grandkids here. Anyway, just have to tell you that I love, love, LOVE those chairs! Girl, I am sooo green with envy right now! I wished that I had your GW to shop at! Hehe! Beautiful chairs...love the lines and style of them! Can't wait to see how you redo them!!!

    Well...well...well! I am giving your neice Hannah a big ol' pat on the back!!! (and I'm sooo proud of you too, Girlfriend!) I just adore how pretty that spice rack turned out...love that pretty blue! Ohh my goodness, the labels are sooo cute!!! Fantastic job, Hannah!!! You know, I have always said that anyone can decorate...if they have the money! But the real talent (and fun) is creating something beautiful with little or nothing! Hannah certainly proved my theory TRUE!!! Thanks for sharing Hannah's first project with us...I'm just tickled pink for her!!!

    Love ya,


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