Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bedroom Bench Makeover

Do you ever drive up to a garage sale and spot something.... even before the car is in park, that you know you have to have?  I want that... I need that... Can I afford that???  There's a lady looking at it... will I have to knock her over to get it??  Slowly, ever so slowly I approach "the bench".  I can't act as though I want it or she might take it.  I casually look down and spot the price... $5!!!  I WANT IT... I NEED IT... WAHOO... I CAN AFFORD IT!!!!  Casually, so as not to alert those around, I removed the price tag, hand it to the seller, and say, "I'll take the bench."  I then take a little stroll around - the whole time singing a little happy song... "it's mine... it's mine... it's alllllll mine!!"  Do I feel bad when that same lady returns to the bench and says, "I thought I saw a tag on there for $5."  To which the seller replied, "yes, there was a tag on it, but another lady just bought it."  Oh my, I feel so bad... NOT!!!  You snooze you loose!!!  Is that bad of me??  Of course I'm not quite so giddy when I'M the one that "snoozes" just a bit too long!!!

Anyhoo... this is the sweet little bench I was lucky enough to get.  I knew that space was limited in my bedroom, so I couldn't have a large bench.  I figured that I would spray paint the base white, and recover it with the same fabric as the chair I had already finished for the bedroom.  It was in SUPER condition.

(I already had the fabric and cording to match this chair, so $5 was the total cost!)

I decided to bring the bench up to the bedroom, just to make sure the size was right, and see what it would look like.  As I stood there looking, I realized that the base of bench looked exactly like my new bedroom furniture... without even painting it!

Here's the headboard and top of the dresser.

Unbelievable!!  I got out my roll of batting, my fabric, cording, scissors, screwdriver, and staple gun and I was ready to go! 

I took the seat off the the bench and didn't even bother removing the fabric - especially since it wasn't even dirty.  I cut a piece of new batting and stapled it to the seat. 

I did the same thing with the fabric.  Once I had completed that portion I used my cording to go around the edge of the bench.  Screwed the seat back onto the base, and taaa daaaa... done!  Within a matter of about 1 hour I had gone from garage sale, to finished bench for the bedroom.  Now that's one SWEET DIY project!!!!  I still want to put a pillow on the bench or something, but for now I think this looks great.

There will be more pictures coming of the entire bedroom makeover, just trying to get everything done before posting.


  1. Hi Debbie!
    I'm sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner...I just found your comment TODAY! I was trying to figure out something on my blog, and I saw "3 comments waiting for moderation"...and there you were! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! I feel inadequate and very overwhelmed, and sometimes lonely! But, I'll definitely be visiting you, and hopefully, you-me! ok, on to the bench, wow, I love it and can't believe it was only $5...woo-hoo!!! I'm in love with that fabric also, and it looks so good all done up :) I have so been there, driving up to the yard sale and spotting something, and trying to act like I don't care, while I'm freaking out inside! I'm glad you got it. Have a great weekend :)

  2. Ohhhh Debbie...I'm just sooo happy for you! That little bench is just perfect for your bedroom and you're right...the color and finish of the metal scrolly design looks like it belongs to your bedroom set! Now that's what I call a "God thing"! Hehe! I love the fabric that you used on your pretty chair and bench...GORGEOUS!!! Ohhh...I can't wait to see your entire room! did GOOD!!!

    Love ya,

    PS...I had an old piano bench that I recovered and put at the end of my bed! It's the perfect size and I love that I can store my pillow cases in the bench! Hehe!


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