Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thrifty Finds From Out Of Town

This past weekend we went to see our son and daughter-in-law in Hannibal, MO.  And what does every great mother do when she goes for a visit?  Wellll, go to garage sales and thrift stores of course!!!!!!  I was able to actually bring home some really great things, and hardly spend anything at all.  Let's check'em out...

Small shelf - $1

Another shelf - $1

Two white glass (don't think they are milk glass) vases - $1 for pair

Salt and Pepper set - $1

Pretty butterfly print - $1

Two decorative (whatever their called??) - $2 for pair

Paper towel rack - $2

Beautiful tea cup - $2

Found these at Goodwill.  One was $1, the other was $3 (they would not change the price).  I passed them up until I went to an antique store and saw the exact same dish/bowl for $14.  Went back and bought both of them for $4 total.

Same with this covered dish.  Found this milk glass at Goodwill for $3 and passed it up.  Saw exact same one at the antique shop for $15.  Went back and bought the one at Goodwill.

Matching light teal colored glass vases.  $2 for set.

This is a heavy metal clock.  Purchased at a garage sale for $1.

Garage sale - $1

Garage sale - $.50

Heavy metal hanging picture frame.  Garage sale - $1

Garage Sale - $.50

This was my most expensive purchase of the day - $8 at Goodwill.  This metal piece is about 4 feet long.  I THINK it's for curtains (with the two holders shown below).  I think I'm going to paint it and maybe put it above my front door. 

Well, that was it for my quality time with my son!!!  LOL... actually we DID all have fun "thrifting".  All this for well under $35.  I think that is a pretty good haul for a weekend!


  1. Wow you really got lots of great things! Love the white vases and the beautiful teacup! I always check out the thrift stores when I travel!


  2. This is very good! You find great pieces!
    Debbie...There is A Amber Alert GPS USA.

    For the desk you find...I would see where you want to put it. If it looks better Shabby chic. Paint it. If the wood goes well with what you have don't.


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