Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tea Cup Bird Feeders... (kind of)

When I first started into this whole new exciting world of Blogging, I started creating a document with a ton of my favorite "some day" projects.  One of the things I really knew I wanted to make were the Tea Cup Bird Feeders - like the one I saw by Cap Creations.  They were SO CUTE that I KNEW I had to make some for an area in the front of my house. 

I ended up making them slightly different than the one shown by Cap Creations, just because I was cheap thrifty and wanted a little color.  Instead of using the copper tubing and cap, I went with PVC pipe.  It was very inexpensive, and allowed me to spray paint it to incorporate the color I wanted.  It was the same basic principle as she showed, so all her instructions remained the same.  I thought it would be cute to have a set of two cups together, so I glued one of the cups as if it had tipped over.

I also thought it would be fun to add some birds to the "feeders".

Aren't they just the cutest little things???

So why did I entitle my post as "Tea Cup Bird Feeders... (kind of)"???  Well, I had one  - ok, actually two -slight problems.  First, the area that I selected to place these tea cups had just recently been dug up/cleaned up, and had plastic laid under the mulch so I would not have to fight with weeds in the area.  Everything was great until one day I noticed all these little green things growing up through my nice "recently dug up/cleaned up" mulch area.  Ohhhhhhhh no!!!!!  All the bird seed that came out of the cups was now growing.  I was not a very happy camper.  I was able to use weed killer to get rid of it, but since I was planting flowers around the area I knew I could not keep doing that.  Second problem - when it rains... guess what happens?  Yep, it flooded all my seed, and now all my bird seed was drowned - the little birdies were not interested!!!  :-( 

The cups now just serve as decoration, which turns out to be fine.  I've received many compliments on them.  So Miss Cap Creations - if you have any suggestions (or anyone for that matter) as to what YOU do to keep the area under the cups free of weeds, or what to do when it rains, I would love to hear from you!!



  1. They came out great! I love the tilted one and the birds are so cute! So glad you could use my tutorial and make it your own!

    You could fill your cups with sun flower seeds for birds, to help with the weeds created from the seed. You'll grow sunflowers instead of weeds. But we usually just weed by hand.

    And as for the winter weather. Our copper cap just slips right off to remove for winter.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Debbie...

    My friend, I am having so much fun going through all of your posts this morning! I'm so sorry that I have gotten so far behind...eeeks! Just wanted to tell you how darling your teacup bird feeders turned out! So sorry about the seed falling to ground and growing...since you just weeded that area! Well, whether you actually use them for bird feeders...or for just decoration...they are gorgeous! I have seen these before and have thought I would try my hand at one...but have never gotten around to the project! Thanks for sharing your pretty teacup bird feeders with us...love this project!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. I am having so much fun reading your blog, and have been blessed by your devotions series! I would be honored if you would follow me on my blog bles-id.blogspot.com ... I'm going to follow you RIGHT NOW! Keep on blogging! Jules

  4. I love them!! Where did you get the birds?


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