Thursday, August 19, 2010

HELP!! To Paint, or NOT to Paint… THIS IS THE QUESTION!!!

I need some expert advice. I found this desk/table on Craig's List and called right away about it. It was still available, and was listed for $50 (I got it for $45). It is really beautiful and in wonderful condition. I think it might even be an antique. The shape is really different…

I thought that the detailing was especially gorgeous.

Now the big question of day…
I really need some opinions on…

I had every intention of going shabby chic and paint it white and then antiquing it. But now I’m not sure if I SHOULD paint it or not. Am I going to ruin a beautiful piece of furniture by painting it? Will it still fit in with my decor if I DON’T paint it????

Same place that I purchased the table, I also picked up this little hutch. I had previously bought another hutch, but it was a little bit larger than what I wanted for the area. This hutch is only 27” wide, so it fits perfectly in the space. I’m going to use the other hutch in my living room instead. Obviously there is NO QUESTION about whether or not to paint this piece. As soon as the heat lets up I’m going to become a painting fool. No way am I going out in 95 degree weather to spray paint!!!!! (Sorry about this picture – it was the one posted on Craig's List.)


  1. Way too beautiful to paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't think I would paint it... its really pretty... see if you can live with it like it is for a while.. if you don't like it then you can paint it later.. it was only $45..

  3. Hi sweet friend...

    Just read your note and had to come right over to check out your newest treasure find! Ohhhh my goodness...what a gorgeous desk!!! I can't believe that you got that beautiful piece for just $45! Ohhh...I would have swooped that up in a "New York minute", Debbie! Hmmm...well you are asking advise about painting it or not. If it were mine...I would leave it as is! I just think it's gorgeous...but of course I don't know where you are planning on using it in your home? Plus, as you mentioned...if it is an would really devalue the piece and it's in such great condition! I sure wish you the best in your decision, Girlfriend! Can't wait to hear what you decide! Wow...and I also love the china hutch! It sounds like it's just the perfect size!!! I'm with you on this piece...I would paint it as well! Ohhh my...that just reminds me...I still need to paint the china cabinet in my frenchy studio/office! Hehe! Well my sweet was sooo good hearing from you! I haven't been very good at blogging lately...just been busy! I received your email...I hope to get it answered tomorrow! That was such wonderful news...and I'm praying, sweet friend!!!

    Love ya,

  4. If it works "as is", Debbie, I'd leave it. It really is a lovely piece. If it doesn't and you're really itching to paint it, I would go with an Heirloom White or creamy colored white {not a stark white} and use a glaze over it to bring out all that gorgeous detailing.

  5. Oh wow , that is a wonderful find ! I love painted furniture , but this I think I would leave as is ! It is a wow !!!
    The Little Things

  6. I would leave it as's just beautiful!


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