Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am BEYOND excited right now!!!!  (Oh baby, I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight!!!)  As I previously told you, I just recently redid my blog (all by myself mind you!!!).  The graphics that I used came from "Jaguar Woman".  I have used her graphics for a number of years now, but this is my first try at creating a blog background using these graphics.  Once I completed my new blog I sent her a quick note to let her know how I had used the graphics and invited her to check it out.  Well she immediately responded by telling me how much she loved it and said she wanted to feature it in her "Customer Showcase" as well as putting my info in her monthly newsletter.  Well, today her monthly newsletter was released, and WAHOO... THERE I AM!!!!!!    This is what she had to say...

I've got another customer to show off in my Customer Showcase:  Debbie Scott, of "I-Do-Designs" . Debbie artfully used one of my products to design her blog, where she advertises her own clever and creative real-world designs for custom gifts and home decor.  Please visit my Customer Showcase to read about her creative business and see how she used Jaguarwoman graphics to design her blog/website.

I would LOVE for you to go to her website to not only see what she had to say about me, but to check out her unbelievable graphics as well!!!!  

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