Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's MY Blog...

Yep, it's my blog, so I figure I can depart from my usual postings and talk about whatever I want to - something that is so close to my heart.

As many of you have experienced, being a Grandma is one of the greatest joys every.  There is such a difference between having your own children, and then having grandchildren.  You can't really understand it until you actually BECOME a grandparent.  Yep, you can love 'em, feed 'em all the sugar you want, then send 'em home to let their parents deal with 'em!!  LOL  Anyway, this little buddy has been, and always will be the delight of this Grandma's heart...

This is my Grandson, Noah...

 Who wouldn't love a little face like this?

 This is my daughter and Noah.

Noah with Mommy and Daddy.

Grandpa and Noah... 

Great Grandma (or "GG") Grandma, and Noah.
(Can you believe GG is going to be 90 the end of this month !!!???)

Uncle Jason and Noah.  I think the admiration is mutual... they adore each other! 

What a little show-off! 

AND goofy!!! 

Isn't he just the cutest little boy ever!!!!?? 

Well, it's not going to be long and Noah will have to share the spotlight...

because he's going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!!

W A H O O !!!!!

Yep!  In April we will become grandparents to our second grandchild.  Just as we did when Angela was pregnant with Noah, we are praying daily for this little one.  We pray for an uneventful pregnancy, and that he/she will be healthy and happy.  We thank the Lord for blessing Matt and Angela, and our entire family, with the promise of this little one, and can't wait until we are able to hold him or her in our arms. 


(The countdown begins!!)


  1. WOO HOO!!!!! Congrats Debbie!! I know this is a real thrill for you and Phil!!! It will be exciting to see your family grow. I will be praying for Angela & the baby daily!!
    Love ya always,

  2. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhhh...Congratulations, Debbie!!! I'm just elated for you, my friend! I will also be praying for the Lord's blessing on this new little one...and for Angela as well! Oh, and I tell ya...your little Noah is just adorable! He really does remind me of my Noah when he was that age. Noah just turned 12 on the 7th. I kept that little guy for the first two years of his life while his mama and daddy worked. He is truly the "apple of this Grandma's eye"...of course, all I say that about all 10 of my grandchildren! Well my friend, I really enjoyed all the photos of your little Noah and Congratulations again!!! What a blessing!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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