Friday, October 15, 2010

Can Ya? Could Ya? Would Ya?

Ok, here’s another unique/unusual post for ya.  I’m wondering if I could solicit your help on something.

Jason Scott & Bethany Davies Wedding
On October 29th my Mom is going to be 90 years old!!!  Can you believe it???  No one thinks she looks 90!!!  In fact, in 2005 – when she was 85 years old she had open heart surgery.  When she was returned to her room, these are the things we heard from the nurses (now keep in mind – she was STILL hooked up to all the tubes and machines!!):

-  Are you SURE she is 85?  There is NO way she is that old!

-  What does she use on her skin?  We’ve never seen someone that old with such beautiful skin!  (BTW – that was one of the first questions they asked her.  What does she use?  Dove!!  Hahaha!  She should be in a commercial!!) (Almost anyone that meets mom believes that she is in her 70s.) 

Mom’s only concern at that time was getting better and getting back home to take care of Dad who was in the midst of his “long good-bye”.  They had been married for 64 years, and Dad, as always, was Mom’s number one priority.  The final 4 years of their marriage were especially difficult on her as she devoted herself to his care.   Mom and dad 3

Last year Dad went home to be with the Lord, and after almost 69 years together, Mom was on her own.  She has done really well.  She moved out of the retirement cottage they had shared, into a beautiful apartment in the same facility, and has gotten involved in many activities around the Village.  It’s funny that at 90 years old, she is more active now than she has been in years.  She loves going to the coffee shop every day to meet with all her friends, and every evening they meet for dinner in the dining room.  If you were to go to the grocery store with her you would be hard put to keep up with her.  She loves to go “gallivanting” with us, and keeps up just fine!!  There are four of us girls, and, to be quite frank, Mom is in better health than all of us!!

Mom is TRULY my best friend.  We talk almost every day  She is the first person (after my husband of course) that I want to go to when I have problems and just need to talk. 

So what in the world does this have to do with YOU or this blog???  Welllllllll, as I said, Mom’s birthday is on the 29th of this month.  We have quite a day planned out for her (all a BIG SURPRISE of course).  We plan to start the day with the delivery of flowers – at 9:00 am – then we will do something every 90 minutes throughout the day.  Some of the things are simple – such as a heart-shaped box with 90 Hershey “Hugs and Kisses”.  At one point we are going to give her a box filled with cards and notes.  Today I got to thinking that it would be REALLY COOL if we could give her 90 cards from old friends or perfect strangers.  How awesome would that be to receive e-mail messages or cards from all over the country – most of them from people you don’t even know???  I know it would mean so much to her!

This is where YOU come in!!!!  Can ya? Could ya? Would ya? be willing to be one of those old friends or perfect strangers?  Would you be willing to send her an e-mail message... or even a card (via ME) to put in the box for her?  I can’t tell you how excited we would be to present her with such a unique gift. 

If you want to participate, could you please send an e-mail message to me?  (If you want to participate with a card, just let me know and I will reply with my address so I can collect them all for her special day.)  Those messages should be sent to:  Mom’s name is Carolyn Farnsworth, so those notes can be addressed to her.  If you don't mind, can you please include what state or part of the country you are from, I think that will make it even more interesting.  (I've already had one from Canada, and one from Germany... how cool is that???!!!!)

As I said, I know this is an unusual request, but hopefully it will be a lot of fun to participate in something that will bring joy to someone who has been such a source of joy to others for 90 years!!! 

REMEMBER… 90 notes/cards from 90 people. 
You want to be one of those people???

Blessings to you all!!!!

UPDATE 10/16/10:

A few people have already jumped on the bandwagon by sending me e-mail messages to pass on to Mom.  The first one to repond was Mel from Junkin' Junky.  In fact, she even took it one step further by posting a little note and link back to me on her own blog.  That was SO sweet of her to think of doing that.  (BTW - she has an great Blog, so please go check her out... Junkin' Junky)  If you would like to do the same thing (in order for me to ultimately get 90 responses), that would be awesome! (I should have thought of this request sooner!!!)  I'm designing some pretty paper to print the messages on for her.  WAHOO... I'm even having people participate by having their kids make cards for Mom... she is going to LOVE this!!!!!

SO FAR WE HAVE:  6 0  Messages for Mom

Mandy over at "Sugar Bee-Craft Edition" and Sherry at "Southern Girl Creations" are being kind enough to let me post this information on their sites.  Please go check them out!


WE DID IT!!!!!!! I now have OVER 90 messages/cards for Mom!! Thank you to everyone who responded to my request. Special thanks to Sherry (Southern Girl Creations) who went out of her way to help reach that goal!! (She took cards into work and had people sign them AND also had co-workers send me e-mail messages.)

THANKS AGAIN! Be sure to check back for pictures and an update on Mom's special day!!


  1. Hi Debbie,

    What a thoughtful gift. I would love to participate in such a memorable occasion.

    For fear of the card not reaching your mum on time, I'm going to send an email. I don't know much about the US postal service, but the Canadian postal service isn't all that trustworthy :)

  2. I'll be sending you an e-mail to pass along to your mom!

    I think it is great that she is in such good spirits and I bet it helps having you around! :)

  3. Good Morning, sweet friend...

    I just got your email and came right over! Ahhh...Debbie, your mama is such a beautiful lady! I can't believe that she is 90 yrs. old...she looks sooo much younger! My friend, I would be happy to send her birthday wishes, via email! I'll get something in email to you in the next day or two. Debbie, I can't believe how many similarities and common things that we share. My mama's birthday is this week as well...on the 22nd, and my dad's birthday is on the 28th. My mama will be 73 on her birthday.

    Anyway, I think this is such a sweet thing that you're doing for your mama on her birthday! 90 birthday notes from 90 strangers! Well, we're only strangers until she reads our notes! Hehe! Sending my very best wishes and blessing to your dear, sweet mother on her birthday! I'll get an email off you soon!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Just checking in to see how you are doing with the birthday greetings. 23! Fabulous! Still a way to go, but you will get them.

  5. I am so happy to meet you and thank you for the gracious comments on my post. What a special day your mom is going to have. I've sent an email birthday message to her. I hope she has a glorious and happy day. Hugs, Marty

  6. Wow, what an amazing Mom you have! Please tell her that Donna in Michigan wishes her a wonderful day! And be sure to tell her that I'm going to go and by some Dove skin care! I want skin as nice as hers!

  7. YAY!!!! I am so glad you made it past 90!!!

  8. This is fabulous news. I'm so happy that you reached (surpassed) 90!

    I'm looking forward to your update and pictures of the birthday girl.


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