Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cookie Cutters Become Decorations

While I was off of work on medical leave, I had no energy to do anything, but I started having "craft withdrawal"!!!  I'm always busy doing some kind of craft, but bed rest brought that to a screeching halt.  One day I was feeling good enough that I thought I would try working on a simple craft.  Now... what would it be???  Well, I happened to be in my kitchen getting something to eat when my eyes landed upon my box full of cookie cutters.  For some reason I looked at my heart-shaped cutters and thought... "I wonder what those would look like wrapped in twine?"  Doesn't everything look better wrapped in twine?  Well, it certainly would be SIMPLE, and wouldn't take very much energy, so why not give it a try?  I started out with a small dot of glue with my hot glue gun, and started wrapping.

Since I had two sizes of heart cookie cutters, and two different colors of twine, I wrapped the smaller heart with the darker twine. 

This is not necessarily the "final resting place" for these hearts, but until I find someplace I like better I think they look pretty cute.  Considering that you can purchase metal cookie cutters for about $.50, this makes a really sweet and cheap little decoration.  That was the end of my decorating endeavors for the day, and I quickly made my way back to bed.

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