Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please Don’t Hate Me!

As I have been going through recent posting out there in “blog world”, many of you are embracing the fact that “Fall” is upon us.  You happily talk about the leaves turning all their beautiful shades of yellow, red, and orange.  You’re looking forward to curling up in front of the fire with a good book, all wrapped up in a snuggly blanket or one of your favorite sweaters, while sipping on a delicious cup of hot chocolate.  Well, I guess it’s time I jump on the bandwagon and post my two-cents worth, so here goes…



I HATE (with a passion) H-A-T-E – with a capital “H” FALL AND WINTER!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, there… I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve gotten that off my chest, but now I’m sure I’ve offended all my new blogger friends.  But seriously, think about it.  What exactly does “Fall” mean???

  • It means FALLING leaves!...They have color for a bit, but you know what?  They quickly turn BROWN.  Why do they turn brown????  Because they are DEAD… D-E-A-D!!
  • It means the trees will soon be bare!!!
  • The grass will no longer be green.
  • The pretty-colored flowers will be replaced with yellow and orange ones (YUCK)
  • WINTER will soon set in!
  • You will be wrapped up to your eyeballs and still have your shoulders hunched up to your ears because you are so cold.  (In fact, I’m sure I’m about 2 inches shorter during the winter months because my head is scrunched into my neck!)
  • Driving will become hazardous!
  • Beautiful snow or ice-laden trees will snap under the weight.
  • White snow on the roads will quickly be replaced with dirty slush!
  • With each new snowfall you must go out and clean off your car and shovel your driveway..
  • You have to soak in a hot bathtub just to get the chill out of your bones.
  • Your feet are always cold when you get in bed and it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to warm up!
  • Daily exercise must now be confined to your home instead of enjoying the great outdoors.
  • You can’t just walk out the door; you have to take 10 minutes to bundle up!
  • You have to stand out in the freezing cold, with the wind blowing 50 mph, just to brush off the snow or scrape the ice off the windshield.  (Only to have it freeze back up on you as you’re driving.)
  • Your car just never seems to get warm enough.
  • The beautiful tan that you worked on all summer fades to a pasty white.
  • Pumping gas is put off as long as possible because you can’t even THINK about getting out there and filling your car up.
  • Your car is covered in salt and trying to wash it any time before April will cause the locks to freeze up!
  • It’s dark when you wake up, and it’s dark by the time you eat dinner.
  • No sun to help your mood!
  • And yes, even those nightly cups of hot chocolate can add on a pound or two.
  • WORST OF ALL???  WAY too cold to do any spray painting – thus many DIY projects are put off until Spring!!!!!!

I know, I know… there are those of you out there that will talk about all the wonderful smells of the season – pumpkin pie, the pine from the Christmas Tree, gingerbread cookies, etc.  Did you EVER think about buying a nice scented candle???  Heck – you can get almost any smell you want.  Oh, and you talk about the beautiful fall colors.  I honestly think I’m allergic to brown and orange because I used it so much when I first got married in the 70s.  Come on… if you’re old enough to remember “Harvest Gold” and “Avocado Green” appliances you KNOW what I mean!!! GAG ME!!!

Now as for me, I MUCH prefer Spring and Summer.  After all, it brings us:

  • New life
  • Green grass (ok, this year due to dry weather it’s been rather “brown”) 1aaabirdsandnestgfairy005
  • Multi-color flowers
  • Beautiful GREEN trees
  • Being able to open the windows to get some fresh air and hear the birds chirping.
  • You can throw on shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops and be out the door, into the car, and half-way to the grocery store in the same amount of time you would still be dressing in layers during the winter!
  • You can get in the car immediately, open a window or two while the air conditioner cools off the car.
  • It is light when you wake up, and you have a WHOLE EVENING to play, exercise or work outside before it gets dark.
  • You can choose to work on a tan, sit under a shady tree, or relax in your air conditioned home.
  • “Sunshine” makes you happy!!!!!!!

Oh my, I could go on and on with the “Love Spring/Hate Fall” relationship, but I will spare you any more details.  I have to believe that those of you who “love Fall” must live in the south where your evening temperatures drop to an “ungodly” 40 degrees or something.  Try coming to the north and experiencing -10 degrees!!  Why don’t we move you say?  Caring for elderly parents, jobs, kids, grandkids… you know – all those things that make it next to impossible to pick up and move.

Well, now that I’ve offended all my dear blogger friends out there, I hope there is at least one or two of you that agree with me and will perhaps be kind enough to keep visiting my posts. 

I guess I better sign off for now and get a few of those painting projects done while there is still light outside and it’s warm enough to paint, cuz the days are getting colder and shorter every day!!!!!  Oh, how I wish I could just go into hibernation until Spring!!  LOL!!!


  1. oh Debbie, you must come over to 'our' side...AUTUMN is gorgeous. Just think, you have an excuse to laze around in the bathtub, with some bubbles by candlelight...every night if you want (you can't get away with that in the summer!), yes, your feet are cold, but that means you get to snuggle a little bit longer with that special honey, which, if he is like my honey, will lead to your next complaint, the exercise...'nuff said :) Then, because he loves you so much, you get to watch as he blissfully drives away in your car to clean the windshield while filling the tank. Later, as you sip a cup of tea all cuddled up in the blanket, with just the light of the fire in the fireplace, and the twinkle lights on your tree, and the relaxing sound of "Mary Did You Know" (amazing song!), you see tiny, delicate snowflakes falling ever so gracefully to the ground.ahhhh... And you remember that without the bleak winter, spring and summer would not quite hold the same amount of majesty... AS if that isn't enough to make you crazy (with joy of the season, that is), you then get to employ the neighbor boy (who, I might add, would not be able to buy his mom a present for Christmas, if it wasn't for the $5 he earned shoveling your snow), who is very willing to do what he can, to help you out.
    I love the colors of Autumn, but with regard to winter, I will agree, however, that winter driving is crazy, the cold is unbearable, and the muddy snow, not so pretty. But, I enjoy the other stuff so much, that I don't mind the few annoyances. Every time I admire my Burning Bush, as it changes color, and as I watch the snow fall, I'm sure I'll think of you...and giggle. :)

  2. I'm not listening, I'm not listening... (fingers in ears... la, la, la)!!!! Just kidding. I laughed and laughed at your comments. I actually agree with some of your comments, guess it's just that I MUCH prefer to spring and summer. I was sick in bed for about 8 weeks in the spring, so it seems as though I did not have any time at all to enjoy the season this year. I actually DO have a wonderful hubby who will get up and warm up my car or fill the tank with gas, however, I don't have a fire place, so the only flames I see are from the candles I light. It is true that after a loooooong, cold, winter that spring does seem so much sweeter!!! And yes, “Mary Did You Know” is an amazing song!!!!! Thanks for giving me a chuckle!!!!!

  3. My Soul Sister. I hate it as much as you!!

  4. Haaaa! This post is too funny! I'm down South so we don't get much snow at all, but I feel ya on filling the car up with gas during Winter.

    Thanks so much for stopping by last week and commenting on my table makeover!

    ~ The Speckled Dog


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