Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No runs, No drips, No errors!!!!

Phew!!!  Our "Labor Day" was really a day of labor!!!  I was FINALLY able to do something that I have been itching to do for a number of weeks... PAINT!!!!!  It has been so blasted hot around here, and I've been so busy, that there just has not been time. 

I've had an idea in my head for a painting booth, so I was anxious to see if I could actually pull it off.  Let me just tell you - before you read on any further - you are going to be EXTREMELY jealous!!  This is definitely a "one-of-a-kind" painting booth.  Perhaps you might have seen one of my "Thrifty Finds" back in July... this is what I posted:

Finally, something I know everyone is going to be extremely jealous about.

Don'tcha just LOVE the pink floral sheet? And the netting canopy is just "to die for"!!!! Ohhhhhh, the PROJECTS I can do with these things.

WAIT!!!!! I can hear your screams all the way through my computer. You're probably saying, "Just when we thought she was getting into this whole blogging and shabby chic thing, she goes and buys this????" Never fret my friends.. DON'T quit following my blog... I DO have something WONDERFUL in mind for this, but it doesn't have anything to do with decorating. Well, yes it does, but not really. Oh, I don't know - you'll just have to wait until I can complete my project and post a blog on it. It only cost me $9 for this project, so if it doesn't work out I haven't lost a whole lot. Guess we'll just have to see how it goes. Be sure to check back!!!

Ok, so today is the day that these little beauties FINALLY came into use and turned into my latest project - a painting booth!!!  YEAH!!!  This is what I did...
We own a half acre of woods behind our house.  Several years ago our son went back into the woods and cleared out an area for doing some motor biking.  It has grown up a lot since that time, but I knew my hubby would be able to clean it up enough for my purposes.  This morning, bright and early, my hubby and I made a trek out back to check the situation.  After a bit of clean up, I scoped out some trees that would work nicely to tie some rope on. 
We were then able to use clothes pins to hang up my Goodwill Sheets and a tarp.  I ended up with a "U" shaped booth. 

Then came the Pièce de résistance (yes, I DID have to look up the spelling for that one)... the netting to catch the falling leaves!!! (I didn't realize how totally "brilliant" this move was until all the leaves started falling as I was painting!!)  We threw a rope over tree limb and pulled up the netting and pulled it out from all sides to form a roof.  Who knew that a netting hoop that is generally used to create a canopy over a bed could be put to such good use!!!???   
We had an old piece of AstroTurf grass that we laid out on the ground. Finally, we went to a place where we could pick up some free skids and put those in the "painting booth" as well so I had a flat surface to work with. 
  My hubby ran a looooooong extension cord out to the woods and hooked up his compressor.  It's pretty old and doesn't hold the pressure very long, but hey, it worked!!!
This was going to be my first time using my brand new spray gun. 

I've got to tell ya people - this spray gun was worth EVERY CENT I paid for it.  One gallon of paint ($22), tinted Heirloom White, used a little water to thin it down, and wha-laaa - we were ready to go!!!  I painted one small table, 2 chairs, and one large mirror frame, and hardly used any paint at all!!  I figure I would have probably used a good 10 cans of spray paint if I had gone the old route.  The paint went on SO MUCH easier.  I didn't have any problem with running or dripping - and it dried really fast. 

Here's my first painting projects using my paint booth...

One little old table.  Purchased at Goodwill for about $4.  I figured that was a good one to use as a test project.
Two chair frames (can't WAIT to get the fabric on them!!!)
And one large mirror frame.

Not bad for my "labor day" projects!!!!  Now I'm quite aware that this "paint booth" is a "fair weather" booth, but hopefully I can get a majority of my painting jobs done before the weather changes too drastically.  It's going to take a little extra work to haul the pieces of furniture out there, but seeing as I don't have anyplace else available that will have to do.

Like I said - I KNOW you're jealous.  I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this one will be hard to duplicate.  LOL!!!  (I'm thankful this is back in the woods where my neighbors can't see it or I would be run out of the development for sure!!) Be sure to let me know what you think of my "ever so brilliant" project!! 

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  1. yep, I'm jealous. We have no garage, and no acreage...I'd LOVE a place to paint! someday...please show how you recover that first chair...I have one just like it. I love the chair, but am scared to try and cover it!

  2. Bravo! Use what you got, right?!

    I want to know more about spray guns; what size of compressor does one need? I have a small 2 gallon compressor, I wonder if that will work.

    I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you can do with your new sprayer.

  3. I AM jealous!! I want a paint gun and a paint booth! :) Oh...and a man to hang up said paint booth....and is too much to ask him to paint the stuff too? LOL :)

    BTW, I followed you over from The Shabby Nest.

  4. You're right! I'm jealous! What a great idea. Especially the netting! Brilliant!

  5. Wish you were closer so I could borrow the paint booth :-)


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