Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skates Makeover – A Winter Decoration

Early in December I came across a new blog “Forever Decorating”, (well, new to ME anyway) and fell in love with one of her projects.  When I saw her pictures of some skates she had decorated, I knew that was a project I wanted work on right away.  Check out what Terry did with her skates…   I had JUST gotten some skates (my daughter found them for me at a thrift shop for $3), so my little brain started rolling.
The first thing I did was to stamp and emboss some snowflakes onto the skates.  (I have fallen in love with embossing lately.!!  It makes something plain into something really special.)  I then added a little bit of “bling” in the center of each snowflake.
I removed the shoestrings and replaced them with some pretty ribbon and added some shiny silver bells.
Of course I NEVER do anything nice and simple.  I decided to add some lights to the skates.  I purchased the real small mini lights, figured out how many little  lights I needed for each skate, as well as enough to go between the two skates, and then hot glued the lights into the skates (hope they don’t burn out any time soon!!).
I cut and added a soft feather boa to the top of each skate – hot gluing it in place.  The final touches included adding another beautiful ribbon to hold the skates together and hang the skates with, some greenery and beautiful red berries. 
I then took the skates outside, sprayed the bottom portion with spray adhesive, and sprinkled it with some shimmering glitter to make them look like they had just been brought in from ice skating.
The final touch was to add a pretty little white bird – landing on top of the skates.
Last thing I needed to do?  Hang them of course (and plug in the lights)!!!
Don’tcha just love ‘em??  I think they are so pretty that I’m just going to leave them up as a Winter decoration. 
I would love to hear what you think of this little project.  I found Terry (my inspiration) because she had come to my site and left a comment.  I returned the favor by visiting her blog… so the love just goes on and on!!!  Thanks Terry!!
NOTE:  I loved these skates so much that I decided to make a pair to bring as my "Exchange Gift" for our ladies Sunday School Christmas Party.  Let's just say that they were fought over quite a bit, but once my friend (who LOVES "bling") got hold of them she just "dared" someone to take them from her!!!  It was quite funny.  Anyway, I obviously did not want to give MY pair, so we (actually my hubby did it for me)  started looking on Craigs list and found a pair without any problem at all.  Sooooo, check your local ads to see if you can find a pair.  Good luck!!

I'm gonna go "party" now!!!!



  1. I think they are DROP DEAD gorgeous and wish that I could find some second hand ones. I think I might have some black ones that my son won't wear...hmmmm...I need to do something with them. Just love them! Joni

  2. Debbie, your winter ice skate decoration is amazing! I love the snowflake embellishments with the ice crystals on the skates. It all came together beautifully. It makes me wish I lived somewhere that snows :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I'm so glad that you did a tutorial for your fabulous ice skates! As Joni said...they ARE drop dead gorgeous! I was wondering how you did the I know! One of my favorite things that you did was adding the pretty feathery boa to the tops of the skates! I think that added sooo much charm and whimsy!!! Ohhh...and I love how you added the crystal like glitter also...the skates really do look like they just came in from a skate! Sooo pretty! Of course, I think that the snowflakes and bling...and the pretty greenery and red berries...and that gorgeous ribbon is sooo perfect too! Love, love, LOVE them!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity and talents with us, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  4. Ok.. I LOVE these.. I REALLY REALLY LOVE these...I have got to find some skates.. unfortunately here in the south we don't have many people with ice skates for sale....We can't drive on the ice down here much less skate on it... We did have an Ice Rink when I was a teenager but it has been torn down....

  5. Oh my Debbie, your skates turned out soooooo fantastic. I think they are even better than mine and I love the bling snowflakes on yours. I hope you don't mind but I am going to do that with my white ones that I didn't decorate. Thanks for linking to my blog, that was so sweet. I am always happy when someone copies me or gets inspiration from me...that is what it's all about. Terry

  6. I love these skates. It's beautiful how you arranged them. They're the perfect winter decoration. I just wish I had a pair to decorate.
    Thanks for visiting and my condolences on the loss of your mother-in-law.


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