Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Just taking a minute today to wish my Mom a VERY HAPPY Birthday!  Doesn't she look GREAT?

Seven years ago she had open heart surgery and has been doing wonderful ever since.  When she was in the hospital everyone thought that there had been a misprint on her birth date.  Over and over again everyone commented on what beautiful, young looking skin she had.  When she came out of surgery we had one nurse after another ask us what she used on her skin.  We had no clue.  As soon as she had recovered enough to speak, the nurses started asking what her secret was.  She said, "good old fashioned Dove!"  LOL... they must be the unknown "fountain of youth"!! 

So here she is today... looking just as beautiful as ever.  OH... how old is she you ask?  Would you believe 92???  Hard to believe isn't it?  I believe I will become a "Dove girl" myself!!! 

Here she is with my son Jason.
Celebrating with 2 of her 4 daughters. 

I am SO tremendously thankful that the Lord has given us so many fantastic years with Mom.  Her health, other than a few aches and pains, is very good - both mentally and physically.  Dad has been gone for just a little over 3 years now, so I'm glad we still have her with us!  We hope and pray that the Lord will continue to be gracious to her in the coming year!  Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!


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  1. hi Debbie I'm also a Debbie and I had my aorta replaced at the same hospital in 08, but like the others I want to say what a pretty lady you, I tell everyone How Blessed I am. Best to you and all of your family Debbie Durham( my story is under Debbie New Birthday because I did loss my life in surgery.


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