Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tractor Theme Baby Shower

It's been FOREVER since I have had a blog post, but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to post about the baby shower we had for my daughter-in-law.  Since daddy is very much into John Deere tractors, we felt that a "Tractor Theme" would be perfect... and it was!!!!!  Rather than writing a lot, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

First I needed to come up with an invitation.  As a graphic designer I was able to design something that we could use as our theme throughout the shower.

Obviously a lot of work went into shopping, baking, cleaning and decorating, but this was the end result.  Mom to be arrived first... isn't she beautiful!!!!???!!!!

We held the shower at my daughter's house - which was a perfect location.  A bit out in the country.  My son-in-law asked a friend if he could bring his John Deere tractor down and park it near the road.  He not only brought his big tractor, but a small kids riding tractor and wagon as well.  Obviously everyone knew they were at the right place.

We decorated the mantle with the baby's name... Kade, along with some stuffed animals and clothes that matched our colors... green and yellow.  

Then came the fun part... the food.  I was able to borrow some tractors and trucks from some friends at work which were PERFECT for what we wanted to do.

Shovels = spoons 

Pitch forks = forks 

Our "Fresh Dirt" was some yummy brownies. 

Chicken feed was Chex Mix 

Hay bales were Rice Krispy treats. 

We made chocolate peanut butter and lemon cupcakes.  We put them on a mirrored stand that I had made with some cheap mirrors - with a tall glass vase between the 2 tiers.  I put a small vase on the top and filled it with fresh flowers.

Fresh lemonade for the drinks.  We froze some small plastic babies in lemonade ice cubes.  Each person put one in their glass of lemonade.  When the baby finally broke free from the ice that person called out "My water broke" and received a prize.   

Everyone got to take home chocolate-covered Oreos and pretzels. 

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our baby shower.  Maybe it even gave you a few ideas for a shower in your future.


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